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Company profile

Henan Longxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 

is a comprehensive entity enterprise specializing in the development and production of fiber filter materials, activated carbon, water treatment chemicals, urea products, hard filter materials, and environmental protection fillers. Most of the company's employees come from institutions of higher learning, and the technical backbone comes from Zhengzhou University, Nanchang University, Fudan University, Donghua University of Science and Technology. There are 5 cooperative experts. The company's products are widely used in water treatment and air treatment in many fields such as power, metallurgy, steel, gas, textile, printing and dyeing, enabling, electronics, medicine,food, chemical and urban water supply and drainage. Due to reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has won the trust and praise of the majority of users.

Brief introduction of 5 exclusive advantages:

1. Real manufacturer, support for viewing factory via Zoom;

2. 20-year pioneer of ChemChina;

3. Own production line, stable delivery and best price;

4. Have an excellent service team;

5. Provide customers with solutions to various problems at any time.

Chemical Industry Expert

Focus on water purification materials/chemicals, activated carbon, adsorption materials and so on.

Unchanging Reputation

Long-term cooperation with customers with high-quality products for mutual benefit and win-win

Eternal Quality

Set up more than 20 years, continuously improving old products and developing new products

Competitive price

Owns a large factory, all products are sold directly

Short delivery cycle

The factory has sufficient inventory, large number of employees, and high efficiency

Superior after-sales service

Listen to customer feedback, strengthen the product, and respond in a timely manner


Company Information

+86 180 2543 2154(WhatsApp)