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Gathering chemistry professional scientific research talents, sitting on a team of engineers with 30 years of industry experience
According to ISO9001:2008, national standard and American standard to establish own enterprise product and service standards

Product Strength02

For many years, engineers in the chemical industry have refined formulas and continuously developed new high-performance products.
The products have passed SGS, CQC, UL international environmental protection certification and comply with EU standards.

Production Ability03

Industry-leading production line with an annual output of 200,000 tons
Flexible and efficient production, high-quality management strategy, fast delivery within 3-5 days

Quality Assurance04

Select branded raw material suppliers to control quality from the source.
A full set of imported testing equipment and a capable quality inspection technical team.
Each batch of products is fully tested and a detailed test data report is provided.

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  • Q6: What are your advantages?

    -100% manufacturer, your professional and trusted supplier of water treatment materials.
    -Any offer will be taken seriously.
    -Good suggestions and suggestions for the products you want will be provided when needed.
    -High quality and best ex-factory price.
    -Strict management and quality control system
    -Delivery is guaranteed.

  • Q5: How to ensure product quality?

    -We can provide you with samples for your use test or component test;
    -We have a full set of product certification certificates, which are tested and certified by authoritative organizations, so that you can purchase with confidence;
    -There will be a factory inspection report for the batch of products when the product leaves the factory;
    -The product will undergo 3 QC inspections during customs declaration;

  • Q4: What is your general delivery time?

    Usually 3-7 working days (for ready-made samples) and 7-15 working days (for bulk orders).

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