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Brown corundum 棕刚玉

Brown corundum, also known as emery, is a kind of brown artificial corundum made from bauxite, carbon materials and iron filings by melting and reducing in an electric arc furnace. The main chemical composition of brown corundum is AL2O3, which contains 95.00% - 97.00%, and a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti, etc. Brown corundum is the most basic abrasive. It is widely used because of its good grinding performance, wide application range and low price.

Brown corundum is called industrial tooth: it is mainly used in refractory, grinding wheel and sand blasting.

1. It is used to manufacture high-grade refractory materials, castables, refractory bricks, etc.

2. Sand blasting - the abrasive has moderate hardness, high bulk density, no free silicon dioxide, high specific gravity and good toughness. It is an ideal "environment-friendly" sand blasting material, widely used in aluminum profiles, copper profile glass, precision molds for washing jeans and other fields;

3. Free grinding - grinding grade abrasive, which is widely used in the field of free grinding of picture tubes, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, clock glass, crystal glass, jade, etc;

4. Resin abrasive tools - the abrasive materials have proper color, good hardness, toughness, suitable particle section type and blade retention, which are ideal for resin abrasive tools;

5. Coated abrasives - abrasives are raw materials for sandpaper, gauze and other manufacturers;


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