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Urea for vehicles 车用尿素


As the environmental protection departments of various countries propose to further reduce the emission of nitrogen oxide pollutants from diesel engines. It is commonly known as European IV standard in China.

Engine manufacturers began to use SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) to meet the requirements of environmental protection departments.

Diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid (commonly known in China as: automotive urea, automotive urea, automotive environment-friendly urea, and diesel vehicle exhaust purification fluid) is a consumable that must be used in SCR technology.

SCR system includes urea tank (loaded with diesel engine exhaust treatment liquid) and SCR catalytic reaction tank. The operation process of SCR system is: when nitrogen oxides are found in the exhaust pipe, the urea tank automatically sprays diesel engine exhaust treatment liquid, and the diesel engine exhaust treatment liquid and nitrogen oxides undergo redox reaction in the SCR catalytic reaction tank, generating pollution-free nitrogen and water vapor for emission.

If the diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid is not loaded, or the purity is insufficient, or the quality is fake, the vehicle engine will decelerate automatically. At the same time, the fake diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid will pollute the catalyst in the SCR catalytic reaction tank, causing serious consequences.

Development status:

In the United States, since 2010, with the implementation of the EPA2010 standard, the application and implementation of this product has also been comprehensively strengthened. In the United States, the diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid is called DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). The main representatives are BlueDEF, etc.

This product has two major international certifications, one is AdBlue certification from the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA), and the other is DEF certification from the American Petroleum Institute (API).

In China, the production of diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid is still an emerging industry. It is expected that China's own national standards for diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid products will be formulated in the second half of 2011 or the first half of 2012.

From July 1, 2019, China began to implement the sixth phase of China on pollutant emission limits and measurement methods for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, standard number: GB 17691-2018


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