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Silica Gel Particles (blue)

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Reusable Silica Gel Beads Packets Shenzhen Manufacturer Plates Price White Blue Orange Crystals Small Bag Desiccant Silica Gel
Small Packing Silica Gel DesiccantSilica gel for packing has many different packing sizes. It can be conveniently put into the packing of various articles( for example, instruments and gauges, electronical products, leathers, shoes, foodstuffs, medicines and householdelectric appliances, etc.) in order to keep the articles from damp, mildew or rust corrosion.
Longxing Chemicals supplies 4 types of ordinary silica gel as desiccant.EniSorb-AS White Silica Gel also called Type A Silica Gel, it includes fine-pored spherical silica gel and fine-pored lumpy silica gel, which are transparent or semitransparent glasslike in appearance. EniSorb-BSG(Blue Silica Gel) and OSA/OSB(Orange Silica Gel) is desiccant with humidity indicating function. After absorbing moisture, it change color, visually indicating the relative humidity of the given environments. When being used with ordinary silica gel or drier, it indicates to which extent the drier absorbs the moisture and judges the relative humidity of a given environment. It is widely used as silica gel drier for the packing of the precision instruments, leathers, shoes, clothes, foodstuffs, medicines and household electric appliances…etc. Beside bulk bag packing, we can produce 0.5-2000g pure white or mixed silica gel packets, accept combine shipment of all grades.
White Silica Gel
Blue Silica Gel
Orange Silica Gel EniSorb-OSA
Orange Silica Gel EniSorb-OSB
Sphere or Lumpy Crystal
Size Range (mm)
1~3, 2~5, 3~6, 4~8
Absorptive Capacity
Bulk Density (g/ml)
Qualified Size Ratio (%)
Color Indicating
Transparent, No indicating.
Blue/Light Blue
Light Yellow
Light Yellow
Light Brown Green
Light Yellow,
Light Red
Light Green
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Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a direct manufacturer of water treatment materials (activated carbon, PAC, PAM, etc.). We have 20 years of experience in this industry and are an industry leader.

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-We are a direct factory, there is no middleman to earn the difference; -If the quantity you need is small, we have it in stock. Since it is the first cooperation, we will give you the greatest discount; -If you need a large quantity, we will prepare raw materials in advance to avoid rising costs due to fluctuations in raw material prices;

-If the quantity you need is small, we have it in stock. Since it is the first cooperation, we will give you the greatest discount; -If you need a large quantity, we will prepare raw materials in advance to avoid rising costs due to fluctuations in raw material prices;

-We have our own logistics partners, whether it is FOB or CIF, we have our own advantages in cargo transportation;

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Generally it is 1000 kg. Any trial orders smaller than MOQ are warmly welcomed. If you have a sample order, please feel free to contact us (samples are free for you, and the shipping costs are borne by you.), so that we can provide you with some shipping suggestions according to the quantity you need to save costs.

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-100% manufacturer, your professional and trusted supplier of water treatment materials. -Any offer will be taken seriously. -Good suggestions and suggestions for the products you want will be provided when needed. -High quality and best ex-factory price. -Strict management and quality control system -Delivery is guaranteed.