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Pool Filter Ball

Price:USD $ 2,500.00

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Package Dimensions
13.31 x 11.02 x 2.48 inches
Item Weight
1.59 pounds
100% polyester fiber
Filtration Speed
20-85 m/h
4-6 g/D
Specific Ssurface Area
Price purchased from us
3.4 USD/700g
Price sold to customers
10.99 USD/700g
Product Introduction
Scope of application

Feature and Material for Pool Filter Balls

Pool Filter Sand Fiber Filter is made of polyester,polypropylene spherical filter and acrylic fiber.It has the advantages of high filtration strength,fast filtration speed,long service life,reusable,good elasticity and low loss.

Reusable,Washable and Durable

Unlike sand,the filter ball does not block your filter and requires less backwash for maintenance purposes.It can be cleaned regularly,machine washable,recyclable,very durable and low in loss.No sand in the pool,lighter and more efficient than traditional filter sand!

Perfect Replacement for Pool Filter Sand

Pool filter media is designed to replace the filter sand for pool sand filters.Premium filter media extends filter life and is a
perfect replacement for filter sand,filter glass and other media.No sand in the pool,more efficient than traditional filter sand.

Very popular on Amazon

In Amazon's European and American markets, the price of this product is about 10USD/700g.

Popular on eBay

On eBay, it is also around 10USD/700g, and Southeast Asian customers also have good spending power.

Pool filter ball source factory, the price is as low as
You will not find a supplier who is cheaper than us and can guarantee the quality of the product.

We are the source manufacturer, exporting pool filter balls to all over the world at the most competitive price. Please allow us to show our factory strength.
We undertake all kinds of cooperation. If you are engaged in platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Paytm, Newegg, etc., please contact us and we will provide you with first-hand sources of good m quality and low price.
Our factory

Longxin Chemical Group

     Loncin Chemical Group ranks among the best in the global chemicals manufacturers and suppliers.

     We can provide you with the best quality products, guarantee the best price.

     If you have any needs, we can also provide you with other water purification materials, water purification equipment, experimental materials, and technical support. We serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to your consultation!

Source Manufacturers-Own Factories-Cost Reduction

     We are the source manufacturer of pool filter balls. We have our own factory to produce the raw material (polyester fiber) of this product and our own production line to produce pool filter balls, so our cost and quality are controllable;      This is your reason for choosing us.
Packing & Shipping

Put RTS products in the box

Convenient for transportation and loading by sea and land transportation; Convenient for customers to split sales.

Trailer delivery to port

Customers often purchase in large quantities, transport them to the port by trailer, and then arrive at the customer by sea or land.
Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are a direct manufacturer of water treatment materials (Pool filter ball, Activated carbon, PAC, PAM, etc.). We have 20 years of experience in this industry and are an industry leader.
Q2: How to save costs?
-We are a direct factory, there is no middleman to earn the difference;
-If the quantity you need is small, we have it in stock. Since it is the first cooperation, we will give you the greatest discount;
-If you need a large quantity, we will prepare raw materials in advance to avoid rising costs due to fluctuations in raw material prices;
-We have our own logistics partners, whether it is FOB or CIF, we have our own advantages in cargo transportation;
Q3: What is your MOQ?
Generally it is 1000 kg.
Any trial orders smaller than MOQ are warmly welcomed. If you have a sample order, please feel free to contact us (samples are free for you, and the shipping costs are borne by you.), so that we can provide you with some shipping suggestions according to the quantity you need to save costs.
Q4: What is your general delivery time?
Usually 3-7 working days (for ready-made samples) and 7-15 working days (for bulk orders).
Q5: How to ensure product quality?
-We can provide you with samples for your use test or component test;
-We have a full set of product certification certificates, which are tested and certified by authoritative organizations, so that you can purchase with confidence;
-There will be a factory inspection report for the batch of products when the product leaves the factory;
-The product will undergo 3 QC inspections during customs declaration;
Q6: What are your advantages?
-100% manufacturer, your professional and trusted supplier of water treatment materials.
-Any offer will be taken seriously.
-Good suggestions and suggestions for the products you want will be provided when needed.
-High quality and best ex-factory price.
-Strict management and quality control system
-Delivery is guaranteed.

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