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TCCA/Chlorine Tablets

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Water Treatment Chemistry Agent TCCA 90% Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool Water Purification

1.As the most commonly used swimming pool disinfectant can effectively prevent bacteria from exceeding standards and water body greening.

2.As a kind of oxidizing fungicide, it can be used to synthesize disinfectant and kill virus of industrial production equipment.

3.Stable storage, easy to use, widely used in hospital health, animal husbandry, aquaculture, etc.

Water Treatment Chemistry Agent TCCA 90% Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool Water Purification


1. Open the disinfection tablet and take out 100 grams

2. Pour all into a plastic container or porcelain containing 1 kg of water (it is strictly forbidden to pour water into the powder)
3. Stir and dissolve
4. Cover and let stand for 25~35 minutes to obtain 1 kg of chlorine dioxide stock solution with a concentration of 2800mg/L
5. Dilute in proportion to prepare a solution for use.

Directions for Use:


Pool Capacity in Liters

Recommended Daily Dosage

Tablet Weight


1 tablet

200 grams


2 tablets

200 grams


3 tablets

200 grams

Water Treatment Chemistry Agent TCCA 90% Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool Water Purification

Matters needing attention:

1.The correct level of free chlorine should be maintained for several hours prior to and during swimming activity.
2. Chlorine and pH should be tested daily by use of a reliable test kit using fresh testing reagents.
3. If pH falls below the required level add pH buffer, if it rises above add dry acid.
4. Dose pool in the evening when the pool is not in use.
5. Stabilizer levels should be tested monthly by your local pool shop or by use of a reliable test kit.
6. Always add tablets to a floating dispensing device or feeder designed for either calcium hypochlorite.

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We are a direct manufacturer of water treatment materials (activated carbon, PAC, PAM, etc.). We have 20 years of experience in this industry and are an industry leader.

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-We can provide you with samples for your use test or component test; -We have a full set of product certification certificates, which are tested and certified by authoritative organizations, so that you can purchase with confidence; -There will be a factory inspection report for the batch of products when the product leaves the factory; -The product will undergo 3 QC inspections during customs declaration;

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